Mesquite Golf – Year-Round Activity


An average of 294 sunny days per year make mesquite golf a year-round activity. Summer golf is more comfortable early morning or late afternoon as the highs can be above 100 degrees. Spring and Fall are the peak seasons and offer the perfect golfing climate with average highs in the 70s and 80s and average lows rarely requiring a jacket. Winter golf can be a little iffy as temps can fluctuate from an average highs in the 60s to average lows in the mid to upper 30s.


Most courses in the area over-seed in the Fall creating lush playing conditions for the peak seasons. In addition to great course conditions those over-seeded greens and fairways create some stunning views from the many elevated tee boxes that exist throughout the canyons.

Accommodations & Logistics

All the best accommodations in Mesquite are conveniently located to the courses. The team at can assist your group with all your needs while in Mesquite, including ground transportation to an from the courses if needed.

Nothing Like It!

Mesquite, Nevada is clearly a unique golf destination. The town has grown from obscurity into a golf attraction known around the world. With year-round play, resort casinos for “after golf” enjoyment, championship courses, and some of the most stunning views on the planet, Mesquite is now on every golfer’s radar.